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Line Lock Standard On All 2018 Ford Mustangs

Line Lock Standard On All 2018 Ford Mustangs

Doing epic burnouts is no longer reserved just for Ford Mustang owners who opt for the V-8 model. Ford has announced that all 2018 Mustangs will feature the GT’s “line lock” feature, which is software that enables owners to make easier burnouts.

Buyers of any 2018 Mustang with either the 10-speed automatic or six-speed manual can take advantage of line lock by selecting the feature in the menu system within the driver’s information center. Car’s equipped with Mustang’s new, optional 12-inch LCD screen in the gauge cluster even feature a nice little animation of a Mustang wheel burning rubber while the system is engaged.

Line lock works by locking the front brakes for 15 seconds, giving you time to push the car close to redline, break loose those rear tires to put on a show.

This will mark the first time the company has offered line lock on models with the Ecoboost engines in the Mustang. Why the change? No one really knows, but it’s likely a subtle recognition on Ford’s part that the EcoBoost engine is more than capable of roasting the rear tires just as the Coyote V-8.



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  1. Andrew_L
    Maybe they didn't do enough testing to know if it would be ok with the EB motor and have had time since? Who knows either way pretty cool all models will get it now!
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