According to a report published by The Ignition Blog Lincoln has priced the 2017 Continental sedan at $45,485. While Lincoln has not formally announced pricing for the new flagship sedan, the blog report cites dealer sources and an internal e-mail circulated by Lincoln to the dealership body. The new Continental will reportedly top out in excess of $72,000 when it goes on sale later this year.

The base 2017 Lincoln Continental will be powered by a 300 horsepower version of Ford’s familiar 3.7-liter V-6. This version of the Conti will be front-wheel-drive, meaning it is the recipient of the sub-$50,000 price tag. Opting for the headline engine, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 with 400 horsepower, will reportedly set buyers back at least $65,000.

At these prices, the Continental proves to be around a $6,500 price increase over the outgoing MKS sedan, though the prices deviate more on the high-end. The current MKS tops out at just $55,000 with a twin-turbo V-6 option. Instead, the pricing looks eerily similar to that of the 2016 Cadillac XTS, which makes a lot of sense given both cars are front-wheel-drive based land barges. In fact, both even offer optional twin-turbo V-6 power.

The report also states that the first 1,500 Continental buyers will get some special treatment from Lincoln, including a signed drawing of the car.  Apparently orders for the car are beginning now or very shortly.