Theatrics are becoming a big deal in the luxury vehicle market, and Lincoln has most certainly taken note. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is jam-packed with lighting features – more special effects than a pop concert, really. The car will greet its owners like a virtual loving family pet with the use of clever LED lighting.

More specifically, the Conti will illuminate what Lincoln calls its “welcome mat” puddle lamps as the owner walks up to the car. Additionally, the door pulls will illuminate and higher-end trim levels will light up the headlamp LEDs. This coordinated lighting strategy is all in an effort to enhance the “customer experience” associated with owning the car, which is something Lincoln has been upping its game on as of late.

The whole “Approach Detection” thing isn’t new at Lincoln, either. The brand launched the welcome mat puddle lamps when the 2016 MKC crossover launched over a year ago. The Conti is just taking it up a notch with a few more effects associated with the headlamps.

Essentially the Conti knows the owner is approaching the car due to the key fob that contains a proximity sensor. So when the owner is about eight-feet away, the theatrics begin and the buyer will feel all warm and fuzzy about their $65,000 Lincoln.