Call them land yachts, boats, or gas guzzlers, but full-size SUVs are still large money makers for automakers even with lower sales than seen in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Cue the Lincoln Navigator Concept.

Previewing the third generation luxury SUV, which Lincoln will be quick to point out that they created, the Navigator Concept shows what the production model should somewhat look like when it debuts next year. The concept is the first application of the Lincoln’s new design theme to a crossover or SUV, which should infiltrate the rest of their utility vehicles over the coming years. The face is clearly taken off the all-new Continental, while the rear and side seems to emulate the Range Rover. Don’t expect those gull-wing doors to make it into production, but the body should maintain its overall look into production.

Inside, the concept is filled with technology from a multitude of screens to driver assist technologies. The interior is rather different from other Lincolns with a floating flatscreen in the console compared to integrated. Expect the normal Black Label interiors when the production version debuts.

The concept is powered by the same 3.5L V6 Ecoboost engine, but updated to 400 hp. The body for the Navigator will be all-aluminum alloy as will be its sister vehicles, the Ford Expedition and F-150, but will have IRS unlike the F-150.

Expect the next generation Navigator to debut next year with deliveries starting later in 2017. Production will most likely be kept at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville.

First Look: Lincoln Navigator Concept


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