The Lincoln Motor Company is joining other luxury automotive brands by offering a new vehicle subscription program. Lincoln will pilot the program in California, which will be based on Ford Credit’s Canvas program launched back in May.

Lincoln says clients will be able to select a month-to-month vehicle subscription that includes insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and vehicle pickup and delivery.

So far Lincoln has been hush on details of the pilot program, including what the monthly cost will be for consumers. Similar programs have already been rolled out by rival luxury brands, such as Book By Cadillac, Porsche and Volvo.

Lincoln does say the program will be in partnership with dealerships when it launches in certain California cities.

In addition to the subscription model, Lincoln has also announced an expansion to its services portfolio. The company’s Chauffeur pilot program in Miami and San Diego is expanding to Dallas under the new name Lincoln Personal Driver. This program essentially allows Lincoln owners to have a personal driver drive them in their own car and perform certain errands on their behalf. Lincoln says their research shows that luxury customers are already utilizing services such as this, which is driving them to expand it.

Lincoln also announced a new partnership with CLEAR, enabling owners access to expedited security at certain airports and venues. CLEAR utilizes biometric technology, allowing members to skip security lines by just scanning a fingerprint or iris to access TSA or venue security.

Starting in January, Lincoln buyers will get a complimentary membership to CLEAR for six months, while Lincoln Black Label owners will get a year-long membership on Lincoln.