Ford has applied for a new trademark on the name ‘Rattler.’ The application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may hint at a forthcoming off-road or performance variant of the Ford Maverick pickup.

The trademark application was first discovered by the folks over at CarBuzz. They hypothesize that the Rattler name could be for the Maverick. It’s unclear if they have any insider information to lead them to that conclusion, but the notion makes some sense. The name Rattler is close to Raptor, which Ford is fairly protective of in terms of off-road capability. Rattler is also a reptilian name, just like Raptor.

Given the Maverick is based on a unibody architecture, it’s unlikely it could every have the off-road capability of the Raptor models, so a unique name makes sense. Ford also seems quite eager to roll out unique variants of its pickup trucks, ranging from Raptor to Tremor.

Ford revealed the 2021 Ford Maverick earlier this year. The new compact pickup offers two hybrid powertrains and aims to fill a market “white space” by being a car-based pickup truck with a starting price of $21,490. The new Maverick will begin hitting dealerships this fall.