Update (3/8/21): Reports suggest Ford has already commenced production of the new Maverick pickup truck. Production is taking place in Hermosillo, Mexico.

The upcoming Ford Maverick may be one of the worst-kept automotive secrets in a long time. Intended to be the company’s new small pickup truck, there’s been a litany of leaks surrounding it. While annoying for Ford, the abundance of leaks means we have a pretty good handle on the Maverick.


Based on the same architecture as the Ford Focus, the Maverick will be a unibody-based pickup truck. It’s expected to slot under the current Ford Ranger, which grew into the midsize truck segment when it was revived a few years ago. To this point it sounds like the Maverick will come exclusively in crew cab formation and feature some design traits from the Bronco Sport.

In fact, rumor has it the Maverick will leverage the Bronco Sport’s powertrain options as well. This would mean a standard 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder, while a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder would serve as an option. Rumors have also suggested the Maverick will be offered with the same hybrid system found on the current Ford Escape. The current Escape Hybrid leverages a 2.5-liter Atkinson Cycle four-cylinder with around 200 total horsepower.

Thanks to a variety of spy shots some additional technical details are also known about Maverick. The little truck will be front-wheel-drive in standard fare, which will include a more modest torsion-beam rear suspension system. All-wheel-drive variants have been spotted with an independent rear suspension with an uncanny resemblance to the Bronco Sport’s rear.

In fact, it is expected some components will be shared between the Maverick and Bronco Sport, including the possibility of an off-road focused variant of the truck. Photos of the Maverick from the factory floor (above) also show some family ties to the Bronco Sport.

Interior spy shots of the Maverick have also depicted components and a layout similar to the Bronco Sport. The HVAC and radio switchgear and rotary shifter are identical to the Bronco Sport. The familiar hardware is embedded in a dash design that is a slight departure from Bronco Sport, indicative of Maverick’s more mainstream mission.


Production of the 2022 Maverick was expected to commence this summer at Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico assembly plant. If that timeline was still a reality Ford would have likely revealed the Maverick by now. We anticipate production will start sometime in the next 12 months, likely delayed from the ongoing pandemic or a global shortage of semiconductors.

It’s unclear if all versions of the Maverick will launch out the gate. We won’t be surprised if the rumored hybrid doesn’t show up until later.

How Much?

It’s generally difficult to speculate on the pricing of an all-new vehicle. The Maverick is not quite as ambiguous when it comes to pricing, though. The hierarchy of Ford trucks is clear and one that is unlikely to waver just because of a new entrant at the low-end.

Given the Ford Ranger starts just under $25,000, one can plausibly assume Maverick will start under $25,000. In fact, some rumors have swirled across the internet that the Maverick will have a starting price under $20,000. If that it is the case, it could be a very interesting proposition for some fleet customers who sorely miss the original–much smaller–Ranger.