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Ford Trademarks 'Bronco Scout' Nameplate

Ford Trademarks 'Bronco Scout' Nameplate

By now everyone knows the iconic Ford Bronco nameplate is returning, but that may not be the only Bronco nameplate returning to Ford showrooms. The Blue Oval has filed a trademark for the name Bronco Scout, which could find its way to another new SUV.

Ford has made no secret of the fact it is eventually rolling out what is being referred to as the ‘baby Bronco.’ This small unibody SUV will serve as the rugged, off-road indirect replacement for the Ford Escape as the company goes to a two-vehicle strategy in the compact SUV segment.

We’ve already seen a teaser shot of the ‘baby Brono’ (shown above), confirming it will in fact have a design theme very similar to the upcoming Bronco. The similar design and fact Ford showed the vehicle at the same time they showed a teaser of the actual Bronco certainly implies a Bronco nameplate for this SUV is within the realm of possibility.

Regardless of its name, the small SUV will be built atop the same platform utilized by the 2020 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair. At last report, it is slated to arrive sometime in 2020, likely as a 2021 model year vehicle.

Leveraging the name “Bronco Scout” nameplate for this new SUV would be an interesting turn of events in terms of automotive history. The International Scout was a competitor to the original Bronco, so “Bronco Scout” itself is not actually a historical name from the Ford archives. Apparently the folks over at International no longer care if the name is utilized since Ford is in the process of trademarking it.

It is worth mentioning that automakers routinely trademark nameplates that are never utilized, which could be the case with “Bronco Scout.” That said, the evidence sure makes a compelling case that the baby Bronco may in fact end up with the “Bronco” name attached.



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  1. Andrew_L
    Could the Bronco Scout possibly be the baby version?

    Probably is that's why I like the Bronco II name better for the smaller one but we will see what they go with
    Could the Bronco Scout possibly be the baby version?
    Call me crazy but I still like Bronco II
    I would just like to know which it is already. Maverick, Bronco Scout, Scout...just let us know!
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