The Ford Bronco launch has been anything but smooth. This latest issue really stems from the Bronco’s high demand and production issues. The mixture is causing Ford to temporarily remove the ability to reserve a Bronco online.

In a memo sent to dealerships, Ford says it is temporarily removing online reservations from its website. The company blames supply constraints and demand as the main reasons, citing the fact dealerships are being flooded with inquiries from online reservation-holders. The memo, obtained by Detroit Free Press, says online reservations will eventually be turned back on. Ford says it will communicate a plan to reopen reservations.

In the meantime, Ford is telling customers to contact their local dealers. Dealerships are equipped to help consumers find Broncos that may already be built, something the online reservation tool can’t help with. Ford’s website has already updated their consumer website to reflect this change.

This is the latest saga in what has been a bumpy launch for the Ford Bronco. First, production was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has since seen further delays, including delays associated with issues with the Bronco’s hard top.

Ford says it has over 150,000 reservations for the new Bronco. Over 70-percent of those reservations are from non-Ford owners.