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Ford Shows First Sketch of Upcoming Mustang-Based Electric SUV

Ford Shows First Sketch of Upcoming Mustang-Based Electric SUV

Ford Motor Company has surprised the automotive space by offering up a sketch of its upcoming electric SUV. Though, this isn’t just another electric vehicle; it’s said to be a performance vehicle based on the Mustang platform. Yeah, read that again.

The automaker recently allowed Forbes to tour its design studio with CEO Jim Hackett. During the tour Hackett showed off the above sketch, which is of the electric performance SUV. While rare for Ford to show off future products, this is likely a sly attempt to pivot the conversation away from the recently influx of negative news stories about the Blue Oval.

Nonetheless, the sketch doesn’t tell us too much. It does show off the fact there are going to be obvious Mustang design cues, including the iconic three-bar taillights. The overall shape is also similar to the pony car, albeit with a much taller greenhouse.

Aside from the sketch, Ford isn’t saying much about its first electric SUV. They’ve confirmed it will arrive in 2020 and be based on the Mustang, but details beyond that are simply rumors at this point.

The SUV is said to be under development by a specific team within the company called “Team Edison.” It’s a bit ironic, given Edison was a rival to Nikola Tesla, the namesake of Tesla. Thomas Edison was also a friend of Henry Ford.



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    Hackett wants upcoming vehicles to be one with a little soul and adding some Mustang into the design will only help.
    Electric performance SUV looks like the butt end of a normal Mustang to me.
    I'm very curious & interested about this Mustang-based SUV. 2020 sounds far away, but it really isn't....

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