The rollout of the revived Ford Bronco hasn’t gone perfectly smooth. Ford has confirmed it is replacing all hard top roofs on Broncos already built. This move comes after owners were reporting unsatisfactory appearances after the roofs were exposed to the heat.

In a letter to Bronco owners, Ford confirmed it is replacing all of the molded-in color (MIC) roofs. The letter, posted on Bronco6G forum, says owners can continue to drive their Broncos while awaiting their replacement roof. Subsequently, order-holders with the MIC will see a further delay of their Bronco arriving to the dealership. Ford isn’t offering specifics on timelines for replacement roofs.

“The issue does not impact the functionality of the roof but can cause unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to extreme water and humidity,” Ford wrote in the letter. “As a result, we’ve made the decision to replace all molded-in color hardtop roof panels on all 2-door and 4-door Bronco vehicles produced to date.”

Ford is not detailing the problem with the MIC. Owners have reported that the roof begins to crack at the seams or show a honeycomb patter through the surface after awhile. Clearly the issue is valid given Ford is rather swiftly replacing them. The MIC is not actually produced by Ford, but rather automotive supplier Webasto.

Bronco buyers who opted for the cloth top option are not impacted by the MIC issue delay.