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Ford Ranger Configurator Accidentally Goes Live

Ford Ranger Configurator Accidentally Goes Live

Sometimes automakers have technical slip-ups. Ford is the victim of such this week by letting the configurator for the 2019 Ford Ranger go live on its website when they’ve not even announced pricing yet.

The configurator was not fully baked yet; denoted by the fact that most of the Ranger’s options were not even listed just yet. It did list out all of the exterior colors, trim levels and body styles the truck will likely offer. Unsurprisingly, Ford appears to be planning Ranger XL, Ranger XLT and Ranger Lariat variants; similar to its other pickup truck lines.

Additionally, the configurator gave folks the option of building the Ranger in Regular Cab, Super Cab and Super Crew body styles. Despite the Regular Cab being listed, Ford has since confirmed to several publications that a Regular Cab will not be offered. Why it was on the configurator is a bit of a mystery.

The bigger news is that the configurator had pricing attached to it. Ford says the pricing isn’t finalized, but it ranged from $24,000 to $34,385, which seems plausible. It is worth noting that those prices are all “base” prices; no options were listed in the configurator yet.

Needless to say, Ford quickly pulled the configurator from their website. Expect officially details on Ranger models and pricing in the coming weeks.

Model Est. Price
2019 Ford Ranger Regular XL $24,000
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab XL $24,300
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab XLT $27,940
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab Lariat  $32,210
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew XL  $26,520
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew XLT  $30,115
 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Lariat  $34,385


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  1. arutherford
    Still lower than the best selling Tacoma...
    They need to be careful how they price it, too high and you will turn off old Ranger owners
    That's quite a bit more expensive than the Colorado, can't wait to see how the options match up.
    Ill take a double cab, XLT Sport 4x4...
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