Ford Motor Company is apparently having delivery issues with its new Mustang Mach E. The company has acknowledged the delays to order-holders and is even offering them an incentive.

An email posted on the Mustang Mach E owner forum Mach E Club highlights the communications and incentives Ford is offering future Mach E buyers. All recipients of the delivery delay email are getting an extra 250 kWh of DC fast-charging for their new EV. However, a subset of recipients are also getting a $1,000 “private offer.” The email says the buyer may leverage the offer when they take delivery of their Mach E.

Ford claims the delivery delays are stemming from beefed up quality checks. Increased quality control mechanisms are fairly common on any new product from a large automaker. Given the Mach E is the company’s first mass-market EV, it comes as little surprise they are taking its quality seriously. Ford has also stumbled on several high-profile product launches in recent years, so ensuring a smooth launch on this one is likely top of mind for executives.

The full email sent to Mach E customers can be read at the link above.