Ford has announced that the Euro-spec EcoSport will be built in Romania starting from 2017 onward. The current offering is sourced from India, where it is also exported to dozens of nations across the globe.

Ford of Europe hopes the move will help increase sales. The EcoSport has lagged behind segment leaders like the Opel Mokka, Peugeot 2008, and Renault Captur due to the production source and low build quality. However, Ford plans on a facelift next year that should help with quality and looks. Ford will break 200,000 unit SUV sales in Europe this year thanks to the EcoSport and the all-new Edge.

The movement of the EcoSport to India solves other problems for Ford as well. The only product currently produced in Romania is the B-Max, a sub-compact MPV. This segment has fallen off the sales cliff in recent years with the rise of crossovers in Europe. The move could lead to the death of the B-Max.

Ford also has a problem in the US and Canada without an offering in the segment. Rumors have been circling for the past few years that Ford would source the EcoSport, upon its higher quality facelift, from India and even noted Ford of India was trying to find production volume. The move to Romania solves this and opens the door to exports to the US and Canada.

Therefore, we expect the EcoSport to make its north-of-Mexico debut late next year with the facelift that will be inspired by the Edge.

The Ford EcoSport is also built in Brazil, China, and Russia with CKD production in Taiwan.