The Ford F-150 is reportedly losing one of its engine options. Ford’s 3.0-liter Power Stroke diesel V-6 may be disappearing from the option list in due time, marking a short time in the F-150 lineup.

Ford Authority reports the diesel engine will be short-lived. It launched in the previous generation F-150 back in 2018 and was praised for its superior fuel economy. While it was the best fuel sipper at the time, Ford has added even more powertrain options that have changed the game a bit. The new F-150 Power Boost hybrid has similar fuel economy figures to the diesel, but offers even more power.

Ford Authority isn’t reporting the reason for Ford potentially axing the diesel. The fact that they have launched the hybrid with superior specifications is probably a compelling reason by itself.

It is worth noting that the Power Stroke diesel is still available in the F-150 on Ford’s website. The company has not formally announced the demise of the engine so it is unclear when it may evaporate from the lineup.