Ford Motor Company has confirmed two additional electrified vehicles today ahead of the Detroit Auto Show. The automaker further reiterated previously-announced plans for an F-150 Hybrid and confirmed a new performance electric vehicle that will carry the name Mach 1.

Over a year ago Ford mentioned it was planning to provide the F-150 pickup a hybrid powertrain, but was scarce on details. Today the company confirmed the hybrid will launch in 2020 and be built at the company’s Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant. The Dearborn plant already produces most F-150’s.

The bigger news today is the announcement that Ford will use the Mach 1 name for a new performance battery-electric vehicle. So far details are unknown, but the vehicle is supposedly going to be an SUV model that will arrive to market sometime in the 2020 timeframe as well. Ford itself is referring to the new model as a “high performance battery electric SUV.”

The Mach 1 nameplate has not been utilized at Ford since 2004, when it was last found on the side of the fourth-generation Mustang Mach 1. As a sign of the times, Ford obviously feels it’s time to leverage this performance badge for a new kind of performance: electrified.