Ford Motor Company is expected to announce an $8.2 billion gain associated with its investment into Rivian. The gain will first appear when the automaker announces its fourth quarter 2021 earnings.

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently disclosed the details during an interview with AutoNews. The executive added that Ford will reclassify a previous $900 million gain from Rivian into the company’s non-cash special items. Farley said Ford is happy with its investment into the electric vehicle startup.

The Blue Oval invested $800 million into Rivian prior to the company going public. At the time of Rivian’s IPO Ford held a 12-percent stake in the company. Today Rivian’s market cap is around $66 billion, making Ford’s hefty gain no surprise. Rivian’s value has been fairly erratic since going public, with shares topping out over $179 each at one point. Recently shares have been more stable in the $66 range.

Originally Ford planned to leverage its investment into Rivian to build EV’s. The company intended to have Rivian build a Ford or Lincoln EV SUV. Those plans have since changed as Ford plans to focus on its own EV efforts and build scale with its own EV technology. For now, Ford plans to remain a silent investor for now.