Rumors surrounding the Ford Evos have swirled for some time now. Finally, the speculation can subside as the car has been revealed at Auto Shanghai in China. This new Ford product aims to blur the line between wagon, SUV and sedan with stylish good looks and an impressive interior.

The Evos’ design may not look immediately familiar to U.S. customers, but it does in China. It’s overall exterior design theme is similar to the recently-launched Ford Equator SUV in China. The face is highlighted with slim LED lamps and a very large grille, while the body has some ties back to the Mustang Mach E.

Evos’ interior is highlighted by a massive widescreen. The 3.6-foot display nearly extends across the entire width of the dash, which the largest screen being a 27-inch touchscreen in the center. This is an overall design theme we’ve seen in other Ford products in China, including the refreshed Focus. Aside from the big screen, the interior appears clean and modern.

Ford isn’t saying much regarding the car’s mechanicals. There’s clearly a charging door on the show car, so one can reasonably assume a plug-in hybrid powertrain is under the hood. This car is not expected to be an EV at launch, which makes sense given Ford has the smaller Mustang Mach E for now.

While the Ford Evos is clearly slated for the Chinese market, it’s reach beyond that isn’t official. It is widely assumed that the Evos will be the indirect replacement for the Mondeo in Europe and the Fusion sedan in North America. Ford has trademarked the Evos name on both continents.