Ford Motor Company has announced plans to end all production in India. This decision is ultimately impacting Ford’s U.S. lineup since the Ford EcoSport crossover is imported from India. As such, the EcoSport’s run in the U.S. will end with India’s production.

The EcoSport’s death is not coming immediately. Detroit Free Press reports Ford will continue importing the EcoSport from India until mid-2022. After that, the Indian plant will shutdown and so too will EcoSport imports to the U.S. While the EcoSport is dying from the U.S. lineup, Ford is keeping the nameplate in other markets. The EcoSport for the European market is produced in Romania and is not impacted by the shutdown in India.

Axing a compact crossover these days may sound insane, but the marketplace has kind of spoken out against the EcoSport. Since launch it has never managed to sell in six-figure volumes, something that’s commonplace amongst competitors in the segment. The EcoSport has simply never been viewed as a strong contender in a very competitive segment. This year alone Ford has moved just under 33,000 units.

It’s unclear if Ford has any plans to offer some sort of indirect replacement in this all-important segment. Given the company’s pivot toward battery-electric vehicles, it’s likely a safe bet to assume and future compact crossover with the Blue Oval badge will be an EV and it won’t wear the EcoSport name.