The 2022 Ford E-Transit battery-electric van has achieved 10,000 orders. Ford says the orders have come from around 300 various commercial and government customers, who will begin taking delivery of their vans soon.

E-Transit customers include some big names, such as Wal-Mart. The retailer has ordered 1,100 E-Transits, according to Ford. Wal-Mart has ordered all high-roof configurations, which Ford says is the most popular option with over 33-percent of orders being in this configuration. The E-Transit comes in three different roof heights and three different lengths. If that isn’t enough, clients can also order cutaway and chassis cab variants as well.

The second most-popular model has been the low-roof model. This model makes up 19 percent of orders and is proving popular because of its ability to fit into residential garages. Many tradespeople bring their work vans home at night, so it isn’t entirely surprising this size is proving popular.

The E-Transit starts at $44,500, including destination and will begin shipping soon. It is joined by GM’s BrightDrop EV600, which is also hitting the market right now. In fact, at least one E-Transit customer, Wal-Mart, is also a BrightDrop customer. Commercial customers will also have the upcoming F-150 Lightning as another EV option from Ford later this year.