Ford Motor Company says it has cleared its backlog of Ford Broncos that needed a defective hardtop roof replaced. The company has been stockpiling hardtop Broncos at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan due to a supplier defect.

The company posted the news via an Instagram story on the official Bronco account. The post says vehicles will start shipping to customers before the end of the year. This will be welcomed news to many of the Bronco order-holders who have had an extended wait due to this roof defect. Impact owners were comped $1,100 in credits to purchase Bronco accessories. Order-holders that have to push their order to the 2022 or 2023 model year are granted immunity from any price increases Ford may impose.

Bronco owners began noticing issues with the hard top shortly after the revived Bronco launched. Customers were noticing that after exposure to the sun the hard top would start to show seams and appear to be deteriorating. Ford pointed to supplier Webasto, who makes the hard top.

In addition to impacting unsold units as the plant, this defect has also led to Ford replacing the hard tops of all Bronco hard top owners who already took delivery of their vehicle. These owners are encouraged to schedule their free replacement if they have not done so already.