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Ford Calls Sedan Slashing a 'Reinvention'

Ford Calls Sedan Slashing a 'Reinvention'

Ford Motor Company is still on the defensive regarding its recent announcement it will eliminate nearly all of its sedans from its lineup. The company says the headlines have been misleading, because this move is about it “reinventing” the American car.

CEO Jim Hackett and Chairman Bill Ford spoke with shareholders regarding the decision Thursday at the company’s annual shareholders regarding the decision to eliminate the Fiesta, Fusion, Focus and Taurus from its lineup.

“This doesn’t mean we intend to lose those customers,” Automotive News reports Hackett said. “We want to give them what they’re telling us they really want. We’re simply reinventing the American car.”

Since announcing the death of most of its sedan lineup, Ford has not confirmed how many “reinvented” vehicles will reach its portfolio. The company has previously confirmed plans for a new Ford Bronco, a new small utility and a battery-electric crossover. It’s unclear which new products are intended to indirectly replace the slew of sedans being removed from the lineup.

Critics point to the radical decision as short-sided, with it having the potential of Ford leaving lower-end buyers stranded.

Ford now says about 90 percent of the company’s North American product mix will be utilities and trucks by 2020. The mix change comes as little surprise given the company will only have the Mustang and Focus Active wagon in its North American lineup by 2020.




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  1. 2b2
    hoping the most innovatively-interesting vehicles will be on the secret3rd platformitecture
    We may well be in the middle of a market shift but I still think cars or sedans will be relevant. They just need to be more creative with them.
    "while we're at it, we gonna lock the barn doors, yup,

    even tho the rest of the barn burnt down after them horses all ran away..."

    How long before the station wagon returns?

    I think it will in function ... but we won't call it a station wagon and the style will need to be novel. Really, the design brief is: make a one-box design look sexy, without losing function AND without referencing a Jeep. That's what I think will 'replace' the sedan. Add fun-to-drive (not a CUV strength, generally) and I'm in.
    How long before the station wagon returns?
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