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Ford Bronco: What We Know
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Ford Bronco: What We Know

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t already heard: the Ford Bronco is coming back. The iconic SUV was confirmed by Ford Motor Company during its press conference at the Detroit Auto Show early this week. Of course, the announcement launched a whole slew of rumors, so we’re going to try to clear them up or cut through them.

The first round of rumors swirled from, of course, Reddit. On the online discussion forum a member claiming to a Ford designer began posting “inside” information about the resurrected Bronco, including that it will just be a refreshed version of the Ford Everest SUV that’s sold in some global markets. The designer went on to claim that Ford was benchmarking the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the Bronco, but that the doors and roof would be fixed versus removable.

Ford’s chief technical officer Raj Nair then sort of publicly derailed the Reddit remarks by telling reporters at the show the new Bronco “will live up to the heritage.”

Nair’s remark certainly suggests the Bronco will be more than just a refreshed Everest, which is a four door midsize SUV that’s fairly pedestrian in form. The implication from Nair’s comments were that the wheelbase would be shortened versus that of the Everest, but that was not implicitly stated.

Since the announcement, rumors have also surfaced that the Bronco will feature an ‘Air Roof.’ The roof allegedly will have four to six removable panels to allow for open-air driving. A similar feature is offered on the Jeep Renegade, but FCA calls their’s the ‘MySky’ roof.

Despite all the rumors, it is important to note that there are some facts to be had in all of this. Ford has confirmed the Bronco will be built on the ladder-frame platform that currently underpins the Ford Ranger and Everest in global markets. We also know that Ford says this sixth-generation Bronco will also live up to the old one’s heritage, which is certainly subject to much interruption.

We’ll all know for sure in the coming years. In the meantime, you can be assured the rumor mill will continue in overdrive.


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