The Ford Bronco just started arriving at dealerships a couple a months ago. Despite the recent launch, rumors are already swirling regarding its future. That future reportedly includes a mid-cycle enhancement for 2024.

Citing anonymous sources, Ford Authority reports the Bronco will get a significant update for 2024 model year. This means we could see a revised Bronco as early as sometime in 2023 calendar year. Earlier reports suggested Ford would not update the Bronco until 2025, so if this report is correct, Ford may have pushed the planned update ahead.

The report does not outline what to expect in terms of Bronco changes. Given the extreme popularity of the current model, it’s unlikely Ford gets too radical with the update. We’d predict some minor styling changes, new technology options and maybe some for of an electrified powertrain. Ford is notoriously calculated with updates to its popular products, see the F-150.

While we may be waiting until 2024 for a big update to the Ford Bronco, it is already confirmed to get enhancements in 2022. Ford has confirmed plans to launch a 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor next year. Regular Bronco buyers will also enjoy new color options and the availability of the manual gearbox with the popular Sasquatch package.