The Ford Bronco is hitting dealers now, but that isn’t stopping rumors of the nameplates future. Original plans for a pickup version of the new Ford Bronco have been rumored for awhile, but those plans are reportedly axed.

In a new report Automotive News says plans for the Bronco pickup are officially dead. The report does not cite the logic behind the death. It is also important to note that a pickup version of the Bronco was never confirmed by Ford Motor Company. Given the popularity of the Bronco and the fact the nameplate has already been extended to the Bronco Sport, it isn’t surprising a pickup was in the cards at some point.

Reports had previously suggested a Bronco pickup could launch in 2024.

One reason behind the strategy shift could be the Ranger. The next-generation Ranger pickup will be built on the same T6 platform that underpins the new Bronco. This will allow Ford to continue building the Ranger nameplate, which it dusted off after years because of the equity in the name. A Ranger Raptor could be as-capable as anything wearing the Bronco badge.

Ford is also investing heavily into electric vehicles. This investment could also be a driving force behind axing plans for the Bronco pickup. The development dollars for this could be allocated to further Ford’s EV plans, which is paramount to the company’s future.