Ford says it has received over 125,000 orders for the hotly-anticipated Bronco. While Ford is thrilled with the customer demand, some order-holders will have to wait longer than expected for their Bronco.

Ford began accepting reservations for the new Bronco shortly after its reveal back in July 2020. Since then the automaker has accumulated 190,000 reservations, with around 125,000 now converted to actual vehicle orders. Thursday Ford began reaching out to come future customers to notify them of possible delays on their order due to certain roof components. Impacted customers will likely have to wait until 2022 for their Bronco.

Despite the delay impacting some order-holders, Ford is still expected to start Bronco production in the coming weeks. The automaker says it still expects Broncos to arrive on dealership lots by June. Though the company declines to comment on how many Bronco’s it anticipates delivering in 2021.

Ford tells The Detroit News orders are skewing on the premium side. About 70 percent of orders have been for higher-end trim levels. It has also been reported that the take-rate for the Bronco’s manual transmission has been significantly higher than industry averages.

In order to satisfy the intense demand Ford is increasing investments into suppliers of the Bronco. They’re also coordinating very closely with suppliers to ensure parts availability, to prevent more issues like with the roof.

Bronco order-holders who ordered the body-colored modular or dual-top roof will likely have to wait until 2022. These folks are getting compensated by Ford with 200,000 FordPass points, which the automaker says equates to about $1,000. The points can be applied to maintenance or to buy accessories for the Bronco. Customers impacted by the delay are also subject to a price freeze so the MSRP of their order won’t change.

Certain roofs aren’t the only items getting punted to 2022. Ford has previously stated some other options and colors will be punted to the 2022 model year. Production of the Bronco was originally slated to commence earlier in 2021, but was pushed-back due to the ongoing pandemic.