Ford Motor Company says it will start shipping replacement hard top roofs for the Ford Bronco very soon. The new roofs will replace defective ones that ultimately caused the company to halt production of hard top Broncos recently.

Speaking with The Detroit Free Press, Bronco marketing manager Mark Grueber says testing on the new roofs is complete. Grueber went on to add that Ford’s supplier for the roof is ramping up production right now. This has allowed some replacements to commence, while dealerships will start seeing replacement roofs next week.

Additionally, Grueber says Ford will start shipping new Bronco’s with the new hard top roof next week. This will be welcomed news for Bronco order holders, who have had to weather a number of challenges. Grueber also notes that Broncos with the new roof will undergo specific inspections prior to shipping out.

Back in August Ford disclosed to dealerships and owners that the Bronco’s hard top featured a manufacturing defect. The defect did not impact the integrity of the roof, but caused an unsatisfactory appearance when the roof was exposed to high heat. Many owners were reporting the issues in online forums.

Ford says it will send a letter to impacted owners informing them of when they can get their roof replaced. The replacement will come at not charge to the customer. Ford does not have an estimate of how long the replacement process will take.

Lastly, Ford says its supplier is going to ramp up a secondary production facility for Bronco roofs. Unfortunately, this facility will not be online until the first quarter of 2022.