As if showing the new 2019 Mustang Bullitt was enough, Ford went all out to not only recreate the race, but to have the granddaughter of Steve McQueen herself drive the vehicle on stage and then to show the original Bullitt driven by McQueen himself  in the movie as well.

Available in Dark Highland Green, mimicking the original and the previous Special Edition, this Mustang packs a boosted 5.0L V8 of at least 475 hand 420 lb. ft. of torque. This pushes the Mustang’s top speed up to 163 mph!

The Bullitt takes the Mustang GT with its Performance Package and mates it to pieces from the Shelby GT350’s, including the intake manifold and power control system. Brembo brakes and 19-inch aluminum wheels will insure drivers can chase any Dodge Charger. It even comes with its own exhaust note.

The new Bullitt is meant to be a sleeper with only a few exterior and interior Easter eggs to show off. The exterior features “Bullitt” badging only on the rear and the Mustang logo is absent from the grill. The grill and windows also feature a thin chrome layer, just like 1968.

Heading into the interior, “Bullitt badging can be found on the steering wheel and the Pony logo on the touchscreen shows up in Highland Green. The Mustang Bullitt will also come in Recaro seats. The Bullitt will only be offered as a manual and will feature a white shift knob, again, just like from the movie.

One other color will also be available: Shadow Black.

Look for the Mustang Bullitt to be chasing Charger’s everywhere later this year.