Ford Motor Company is leveraging Mustang Mach E owners to beta test over-the-air (OTA) updates. The ability to have OTA updates has been one of the key points Ford has pushed with its first mass market EV.

Several Mustang Mach E owners over at MachEForum have been invited to join the program. This small group of real owners will be enrolled in the OTA beta test program. Of course, these folks are subject to a non-disclosure agreement with Ford. On the flip side, they’re getting a $20 Amazon gift card for their willingness to test.

The correspondence sent to owners does not disclose the nature of the OTA software updates. Given the NDA, we’ll likely never know unless a participant forgets what an NDA means.

Ford isn’t the only mainstream automaker deploying OTA software updates. Most major OEMs at this point are dipping their toes into this pool, with Tesla being at the forefront of the movement. One key distinction between Tesla and Ford is the fact Ford is isolating beta testing to a small group of owners. Tesla is notorious for deploying “beta” software to its entire fleet.