Ford Motor Company may have officially teased its upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV last week, but that isn’t stopping additional leaks. A new CAD drawing has surfaced online claiming to be that of the electric SUV and it’s tough to argue it is anything else.

The origin of the CAD drawings are still a mystery, but they have the watermark of “@allcarnews” on them, though that account on Twitter hasn’t been utilized on a regular basis. Nonetheless, we stumbled upon the drawings on a forum dedicated to the new SUV.

Comparing these drawings to the official teaser Ford released last week suggest these are the real-deal. What we see is–quite literally–a Mustang design in the form of an SUV. There’s Mustang’s iconic kick-up in the belt-line and the front clip has a bit of a scowl just like the Mustang.

Around back Mustang’s famous three vertical slot taillights appear to be intact, though the SUV has taken a unique twist by stretching the lamps inward.

While these drawings are not official, the wait for official photos of Ford’s long-anticipated SUV is nearly over. Ford has confirmed plans to reveal the EV on Nov. 17th.