Ford is bringing back a piece of the 1990’s for the 2022 Ford Ranger. The company has announced it will offer a 2022 Ranger Splash, a trim level that was iconic on the Ranger in the 1990’s for its bright colors.

The dusted-off trim level is taking a more modern approach this time. 2022 Ranger buyers can opt for the Splash package, which includes a unique exterior color. The unique hue is paired with a grille treatment that includes gloss black and body-colored elements. There’s also unique wheels versus the regular Ranger. Of course, there’s also exterior graphics, something that was a staple of the 1990’s Splash package. Though we’ll note these graphics are a little more 2022-appropriate than the ones from the Clinton era.

Inside, Ford is making some enhancements as well. Ranger Splash models will feature body-colored stitching and carbon-color trim. The shift knob, steering wheel and parking brake also feature colored stitching. Lariat models will add the color to the door panel armrests and dashboard.

Ranger XLT and Lariat buyers can opt for the Splash Limited Edition package, so long as they’re getting a four-door SuperCrew variant. Buyers can pair it to FX2 or FX4 off-road packages as well. Regardless of core trim level, the Splash treatment will add another $1,495 to the price tag.

There is a plot twist to the availability of the Ranger Splash. Ford will be announcing a new version with a one-time exterior color option every few months. Only a few hundred copies will be produced and then the color will go away. So buyers eager to get a Ranger Splash will have to pay attention to Ford’s announcements to get their color of choice.

An all-new version of the Ford Ranger is expected to launch in 2023, so the Ranger Splash is likely the last notable change to this generation of Ranger.