Ford’s upcoming compact truck has been nearly fully-exposed in a new photograph. The photograph is reportedly from Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico assembly plant. The Hermosillo facility is expected to be home to the 2022 Ford Maverick, which is a new car-based small pickup truck slated for reveal later this year.

The photo comes curtesy of the Maverick Truck Club and gives us a clear view of the Maverick’s general appearance. It’s quite evident Ford intends for the Maverick to look like a real truck, despite the fact it is based on the same car architecture that underpins the Ford Focus. Maverick’s car roots are obvious in the photo by the fact there is no gap between the cab and bed, indicating there’s no separate body and frame like a traditional truck.

From a design perspective the Maverick looks encouraging. It has a face that aligns with the latest Ford truck design language, including a level of modesty that’s become a hallmark of Ford trucks. There’s almost a spiritual connection between what we see here and the last generation Ford Ranger, before it grew into a midsize truck.

Once Maverick hits the market it will slot under the midsize Ford Ranger, both in size and price. Given the Ranger starts around $24,000, expect Maverick to start a few thousand less. In an effort to achieve a sub-Ranger price point, we wouldn’t be surprised if the standard engine on Maverick is Ford’s turbocharged three-cylinder. Four-cylinder options will likely be offered.

Of course Ford has not said an official word about Maverick. We do anticipate its reveal sometime later this year. At that time we’ll get all of the details on this new compact Ford truck.