There’s been a number of leaks when it comes to information about the 2021 Ford Bronco, but now there’s something official. Ford Motor Company has taken to social media to drop a video displaying the Bronco’s alleged off-road capabilities. 

Before you get excited thinking this video shows us what the Bronco looks like, let’s level expectations. The video is showing only a Bronco prototype. In fact, the vehicle itself is this stubby looking Ranger with camouflage on it. Nonetheless, the little thing is tearing up sand dunes and climbing some hefty rocks with relative ease. 

Given the prototype isn’t a “real” Bronco, it’s hard to draw any definitive conclusions from it other than it is clearly going to have some off-road credentials. That said, the Bronco’s independent front suspension is noticeable in the video, as is its live rear axle. Details of the suspension setup are–likely strategically–hidden from the video. 

The other piece of official news in this video is that Ford will officially reveal the 2021 Bronco later this spring. It feels like we’ve been waiting on the Bronco for many years now (oh wait, we have waited years), so it’s about time the finish line is near.