One of the last unknowns about the 2020 Ford Escape is now a known: the hybrid’s fuel economy figures. The headliner figure here is when the front-wheel-drive hybrid, which offers 41 mpg combined.

That 41 mpg figures comes credit to a 44 mpg city rating and 37 mpg highway rating. Adding optional all-wheel-drive to the Escape Hybrid knocks the fuel economy a bit, with a city rating of 43 mpg, highway rating of 37 mpg and a combined 40 mpg.

From a competitive perspective, these figures put the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid at the top of the pack in terms of fuel economy. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which is offered exclusively in all-wheel-drive, ties the Escape Hybrid with a 40 mpg combined rating. The RAV4 nudges 1 mpg better on city, but 1 mpg worse on highway.

The wildcard here is upcoming Honda CR-V Hybrid, which does not have official fuel economy ratings yet. Rumors suggest the CR-V could see a combined rating as high as 42 mpg, suggesting the Escape’s reign at the top of the segment could be short-lived.

One vehicle that does have the Escape Hybrid handedly beat is the Kia Niro, which in its least-efficient form offers 43 mpg combined. That said, the Niro is smaller than the Escape, RAV4 and CR-V and not likely cross-shopped with them very often.

From a pricing perspective, the 2020 Escape starts at $29,450 for front-wheel-drive. Adding all-wheel-drive brings the base price to $30,950, which is a premium versus the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid price point, which is $29,220.