Autonomous vehicles may be the buzz of the industry right now, but some of us still actually like to drive. Fortunately, the folks at Chevrolet know this and have a decent example of a driver’s car, the redesigned 2016 Camaro. In fact, the brand is so confident folks will enjoy driving the revamped pony car, they’re having journalists drive it across all 48 states. Our leg in what Chevy is calling the Find New Roads Trip will take us from Nashville, TN to Kansas City, MO from behind the wheel of the new Camaro.

The road trip serves as a replacement for the more standard, structured media launch that automakers typically put on just prior to a new product launch. Frankly, the idea seems remarkably appropriate for the sixth generation Camaro. The idea is also coupled with a nationwide tour of all of Chevrolet’s new-for-2016 models for the public. A complete list of venues for the tour can be found at

At our starting point in Nashville keys to a variety of Camaro’s will be distributed randomly to journalists. Chevrolet says there is an equal split of V-6 and SS models with both automatic and manual transmissions. Needless to say, our fingers are crossed that we select a shift-it-yourself SS trim during the lottery process, though it’s doubtful that any trim is too disappointing.

During the road trip, the Camaro’s all new underpinnings will be put to the test. Based on GM’s Alpha rear-wheel drive architecture, the sixth generation car is basically new from the tires on up, despite what the familiar shape may imply. This Camaro is smaller, lighter and is packing both new V-6 and V-8 engines mated to new transmissions. The heft and quirks associated with the born-again fifth generation car are supposedly gone, which is encouraging news.

For up to the minute coverage from the drive, be sure to follow us on social media outlets from Wednesday (October 21st) through Friday (October 23rd). We’ll be publishing tweets and Facebook posts from the road… when we’re not driving, of course!