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Is FCA Teasing a Hellcat-Powered Ram?

Is FCA Teasing a Hellcat-Powered Ram?

Fiat Chrysler may be teasing a high-performance Ram model in some of its official photos. Given the company’s history discreetly teasing future performance models in its press shots, perhaps this theory isn’t all that far-fetched.

The enthusiasts over at Allpar brought to light that most of the 2019 Ram 1500 interior photos show the time as 7:07. Of course, any enthusiast knows that is the iconic horsepower figure found in the SRT Hellcat models is 707. It also just so happens that Ram showed off a Hellcat-powered Ram TRX Concept at last year’s Texas State Fair.

Allpar says it also has sources inside FCA that confirm there are plans for a Hellcat-powered Ram, but those sources are anonymous and unconfirmed.

There’s no question the half-ton truck market is booming right now. Rising sales are pairing with an ever-rising price ceiling to yield the perfect conditions for a performance model. Will Ram do it?

We can only hope so.


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  1. Tone
    It's interesting to see how much the full-sized pickup occupies the same place in the market that the full-sized car did in the mid-1960s. It's a versatile family vehicle that can do everything from haul your whole family across country to towing your boat to doing dump runs. And, like the full-sized car, you can get one stripped with a rubber floor mat, dressed up as a luxury car, or in performance guise. They even sell at mid-60s volumes!

    The biggest different: adjusted for inflation, I suspect pickups retail for a LOT more than the typical mid-60s Impala or Galaxie.
    5 city 9 highway
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