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FCA Still Has A Ton Of Chrysler 200's

FCA Still Has A Ton Of Chrysler 200's

The Chrysler 200 may officially be dead, but The Truth About Cars is accurately reporting that Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles’ dealers have over six-months of Chrysler 200 inventory left.

The glut of inventory is even more surreal when one takes into account that production of the car ended at FCA’s Sterling Heights, Michigan assembly plant nearly eight weeks ago. Chrysler’s 200 stockpile is at least in part because the company has waned off heavy incentives on the car in recent months. Apparently FCA wants to squeeze as much profit out of the defunct model as possible.

As of right now FCA is offering 15-percent off the MSRP of 2016 200’s that have been in inventory the longest. Looking at the figures, that is likely a large number of 200’s that are still out there that qualify for the clearance offer. Oddly enough, the company is offering no major incentives on the 2017 200.

The death of the 200 sedan was a long time in the making. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne famously publicly trashed the 200 sedan, which probably should have served as its first death call. However, the official reason for killing the 200 sedan and Dodge Dart was to free up production capacity for more popular trucks and SUVs.


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  1. Andrew_L
    So, has anyone seen any fire sales on any 200s?

    Checked my local Chrysler dealer and nothing about the 200 but offering 4k off on the Challenger.
    So, has anyone seen any fire sales on any 200s?

    $18K for some rental grade models here.
    Not a bad looking sedan......just not that good to drive.

    They should fire sale this thing and call it a day. I imagine the hellcat demon hitting the dealerships will then be a time to fire sale the 200s....

    Family man can get his wife a new 200 for chump change and get himself a hellcat....walk out the door with two brand new cars...one for his wife and one for himself and still be under a hundred grand...

    So, has anyone seen any fire sales on any 200s?
    The 200 equipped correctly may turn out to be the best used car bargain ever. They are quick, and quite pleasing aesthetically for minimal investment.
    I'm going to mirror several other posters in this thread and then add my 2 cents worth. I think these are nice looking cars but I'm not to fond of some of the things they've done inside like the shifter. Now OTOH I wish the Malibu had looks that were as fluid and cohesive as this car being they both have a similar shape.
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