Finally killing off the Samsung QM5-based and ancient Koleos, Renault is set to debut the all-new Maxthon in the next few days at the Beijing Auto Show.

The new D-segment Maxthon is bigger than the C-segment Kadjar, which debuted last year. Essentially the Maxthon is to the Nissan X-Trail/Rogue as the Kadjar is to the Nissan Qashqai in terms of size.

Contrary to early reports, the Maxthon will not have seating for 7 people, but will only seat 5. Renault apparently thinks they have this covered with the Espace.

Do not expect the Maxthon on American shores anytime soon, but you could see it pop up south of the border in Mexico.

The Maxthon will be produced first in China with the new joint venture Dongfeng-Renault. It should then spread out to Europe and South Korea with Samsung.