Electric vehicle startup Lucid has been showing prototype variants of its Lucid Air battery-electric sedan for over four years now. Finally, the company is showing off the production version of the Air, which will arrive with up to 1,080 horsepower, 517 miles of range and multiple price points.

There’s a lot to unpack with this stunning sedan, starting with its exterior design. Fortunately the production Air retains most of the prototype’s design theme. The design is unique, sleek and features proportions on-par with that of large rear-wheel drive luxury sedans.

Inside Lucid is loosely following the industry trend of a minimalist design theme, but this one isn’t focus on a sea of screens that’s become popular thanks to rival Tesla. Instead this interior seems to take advantage of the compact nature of a battery-electric powertrain with a spacious cabin and features like a control screen that folds away into the dash when not in use.

While the design isn’t focused on a massive screen, the Lucid is not lacking in the screen department. The car features a 34-inch curved glass display, which serves as both the gauge cluster display and infotainment system. Frankly, it’s a refreshingly complex interior design by EV startup standards.

Out the gate, all Lucid Air’s will feature seating for five adults. The company says an option with executive caption’s chairs in the rear that can recline to 55 degrees will be offered in the future.

Power and total driving range will very much be a pay-to-play narrative with the Lucid Air. Base buyers will have to fork over $80,000 (before tax credits) to get a TBA amount of driving range. At the high end Air Dream Edition will cost $169,000 and net the headliner 1,080 horsepower and offer 456 miles of range with 21-inch wheels or 503 miles with 19-inch wheels thanks to a 113 kWh battery pack. Two middle trim levels will also be offered; details in the chart below.

Air will feature two electric motors, enabling all-wheel-drive functionality. All versions of the Air will feature DC Fast Charging capability, allowing the car to add 20 miles of range in just a single minute of charging.

Just as this Air isn’t lacking in electric power, it isn’t lacking in technology features either. The Air features Amazon Alexa support, 5K resolution on its display screens and a comprehensive driver-assistance set to rival Tesla’s AutoPilot.

Unlike AutoPilot, Lucid DreamDrive features 32 sensors, including a high-definition LiDAR that works in tandem with high-definition mapping to offer Level 2 and Level 3 driver assistance functionality.

The top two 2021 Lucid Air trim levels will go on sale during the second quarter of next year, while the Air Turing will arrive by the end of 2021. Those wanting the entry-level Air will hav to wait until sometime in 2022 as Lucid appears to be copying Tesla’s top-down launch cadence.