Electric vehicle startup Lucid may have just taken the wraps off their first production vehicle yesterday, but that hasn’t consumed all of the oxygen in the Lucid news cycle this week. Lucid has also dropped several teaser images of its next product, an SUV it is calling Project Gravity.

Judging by the teaser images, it appears Project Gravity is going to borrow much of its styling from the Lucid Air sedan, which is certainly no problem given the Air’s attractive appearance. It is worth mentioning the name Project Gravity implies the SUV in the photos is a concept vehicle, but given the 2021 Air sedan looks nearly identical to the original 2017 concept, we may be looking at a near-production SUV.

Like the Air, the Project Gravity SUV will be built atop what Lucid calls the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP). This means we’ll likely see some impressive performance and range figures from the Lucid SUV, just as we have with the Air sedan.

What isn’t known about the Project Gravity SUV is its estimated price point. Given the Air starts at $80,000 before tax credits, it seems probable the SUV will be even more expensive. However, as Lucid gains economic scale with the Air sedan, perhaps its pricing will go down by the time this SUV is slated to launch in 2023.

Lucid has said in the past it is planning to offer a whole range of battery-electric vehicles, so don’t expect them to stop with Project Gravity.