Jaguar has confirmed the 2020 model year will be the last one in the U.S. for the XE sedan, The news comes just a day after the British luxury brand announced a significant refresh for its 2021 XF sedan, which will now soldier on as Jaguar’s sole sedan in the U.S.

Jaguar cites changing market dynamics in the U.S. as the reasoning for pulling the XE out of stateside showrooms. We can likely read that to say that American’s love for the SUV isn’t going away anytime soon, so why bother continuing to offer sedans? However, there is an additional reason relating to the larger XF sedan.

As part of the XF refresh, Jaguar is also bringing down the price. The 2021 XF will start at $43,995 for the entry-level P250S model. Mind you, that’s the same cost-of-entry as the 2020 XE sedan, meaning there’s really no point in having both the XE and XF in the showroom.

Speaking of the XF, U.S. buyers are also losing access to the XF Sportbrake variant. This too is a bit of a no-brainer given Jaguar has likely only sold a handful of the wagons in recent years. Nonetheless, many enthusiasts will likely weep a bit as the U.S. market says goodbye to another wagon.