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Genesis Not Interested In Performance Brand

Genesis Not Interested In Performance Brand

The Genesis premium brand is not interested in establishing a performance sub-brand. Simply put, the brand feels like a performance brand will not be relevant in a market that’s shifting to electrification, according to Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald.

In speaking with Australian publication Motoring Fitzgerald did not mince his words.

“Performance will not be on the same forefront of differentiator as it is today for ICEs [internal combustion engines]. Everybody is capable of doing an electric motor and putting it in a car, so the performance values will almost be the same. Nobody’s going to be interested in ‘A’ or ‘B’, so I think that will come down to a level playing field,” Fitzgerald stated to Motoring.

Essentially the executive believes electrified vehicles are already oftentimes superior performers to vehicles in internal combustion engines, so tacking something on top of them for performance seems pointless. Granted, a quick look at Tesla’s P100D models does, indeed, suggest that electrified vehicles are worthy of performance designations.

There’s no question Genesis is sort of bucking conventional wisdom in the luxury space. BMW M and Mercedes-AMG are both expanding their lineups, which AMG evolving into its own brand within the Mercedes house. Both nameplates have made their respective parent-brand famous, all while increasing their respective transaction prices.

Fitzgerald went on to confirm Genesis is still planning two dedicated platform for electrified vehicles. Both platforms will debut sometime in the 2021 to 2022 range, with one of them sized similar to the G80 sedan.



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  1. nsaporito
    I can somewhat see where they are coming from, but there's also no disputing that M and AMG have big plans for electrification.
    They need to establish themselves first before they think of a performance sub brand anyway.
    "Everybody is capable of doing an electric motor and putting it in a car, so the performance values will almost be the same." I disagree. Right now, almost any manufacturer can create a 2.0T motor or 3.0TT V6 with roughly equal performance to their competitors. Yet, the subtle difference in character and tuning — and how the power gets to the ground — still differentiates a Alfa Romeo from, say, an Audi. It's not like every electric motor has the same power characteristics and chassis tuning will still provide a significant difference in driving character.

    It's cool if Genesis doesn't want to play in that space, but that doesn't mean there won't be enthusiasts cars. If we end up in a world where self-driving cars are always a phone app away, the only privately owned cars will likely be enthusiasts vehicles. Self-driving cars will kill the Camry, not the Corvette.
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