Genesis’ quest to build-out its SUV portfolio has been no secret, but up until now the looks of the GV70 have been a mystery. The mystery is now over as Hyundai’s Korean website has released official photos of the new midsize GV70.

The general styling theme of the GV70 comes as no surprise; it’s effectively a scaled-down version of the GV80. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the GV80’s split lamps, large grille and flowing body lines are quite attractive. The visual appeal seems to have translated to the smaller footprint of the GV70, with designers even taking a distinctive approach to the C-pillar and greenhouse of the GV70 over the GV80.

There’s almost a bit of German coupe SUV feel to the GV70 greenhouse, which is certainly great to look at, but does beg the question about its rear seat headroom and cargo space.

Speaking of cargo space and all of the other sought-after details: Hyundai has yet to release any of them beyond the attached photos of the exterior and interior.

Much like the exterior, the interior of the GV70 is borrowing its overall design theme from the GV80 and other recent Genesis products. That said, there are some fairly dramatic departures (much like that C-pillar on the outside) that give the GV70 its own look. Instead of the more traditional controls layout of the GV80, the GV70 is housing all of its controls in a stretched-out ovular panel. It’s a very unique setup and, combined with integrating the HVAC vents into the transition of the trim pieces, gives the interior a very clean look.

Another call-out with this interior is its apparent vibrant color palette. Of the two interior photos released, one features a purple interior while the other features a bright red interior. Genesis is building a bit of a reputation for bold interior colors so the purple isn’t a huge shock.

While these photos give us a very solid view of the new Genesis GV70, we still await all of its technical and mechanical details. Those details should be released soon, as will a clearly understanding of its time-to-market in the U.S.