Hyundai’s luxury division has had a big void in its product portfolio since inception: the lack of an SUV. Genesis is finally setting out to fill the void very shortly with the GV80 SUV, which it has revealed in photographs.

Unsurprisingly, the GV80 looks very close to the original concept. The overall shape is the same, as are details like the oversized D pillar and front clip. Headlining this SUV’s design is Genesis’ latest grille design; which is actually larger on the production version than it was on the concept. Many of the design details are shared with the Genesis sedans, namely the refreshed G90.

Whereas the exterior design borrows a lot from the GV80 Concept and other recent Genesis designs, the interior is a bit of a departure from both. The clean, horizontal theme found in the GV80 Concept is still in tact in overall aesthetic. That said, the interpretation is far from direct. Subsequently, the GV80’s interior also looks nothing like Genesis sedan interiors, suggesting the GV80 is a bellwether to future Genesis interiors.

While we’ve seen the GV80 now, Genesis still isn’t talking about specifications or features. We do know the GV80 will be based on the same rear-drive architecture that underpins the brand’s sedan lineup, which means Hyundai’s well-known twin-turbocharged V-6 engine will be a likely option in the GV80.

Expect the specifications sheet of the 2021 Genesis GV80 to be released soon. It goes on sale in South Korea later this month, with other markets to follow closely.