BMW Group’s Mini brand is refreshing something other than one of its vehicles. The quirky small car brand is introducing a new corporate logo, which will begin to appear on vehicles in March 2018.

Seen above, the new logo is a mass-simplification of the current Mini logo. Sticking with graphic design trends, the new version is “flattened” and less three-dimensional than today’s version.

Mini says the change has been made to reflect the “authenticity and clarity” of the brand. While that’s a bit of a stretch, the new logo certainly does appear more modern.

From a practicality perspective, Mini also says the new logo will be capable of being placed on more surfaces than the current one.

While logos evolve over time, one can’t help but speculate that this one is signifying major changes for Mini going forward. The brand is exploring options of becoming an entirely electrified brand; a seismic change that would likely call for a new brand logo.