BMW is expanding its EV lineup with the reveal of the 2022 i4. The sedan will join the iX3 and iX SUV’s in BMW’s lineup later this year. While the company is still mum on complete details of the i4, many important bits have been announced.

Unsurprisingly, the i4 looks nearly identical to the Concept i4. This was largely expected given the concept lacked the pizzazz of a traditional concept. There isn’t a tremendous amount of daylight between the i4 design and that of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, which means the i4 has that supersize-me grille. Of course that grille is filled in on the i4 since there’s no engine to keep cool. Aside from that, there’s new blue accents sprinkled about the exterior to denote the car’s EV status. Revised bumpers also add some EV flare to the exterior.

In an effort to aid aerodynamics, the i4 has flush-mounted door handles as well. This design element is expected to trickle to the 4 Series Gran Coupe as well.

BMW has only released a few headlining statistics (and exterior images) of the 2022 i4. What we know it will have up to 523 horsepower with the ability to speed to 62 mph in four seconds. Since BMW hasn’t offered any context on those figures, we’re assuming it is for the M Performance model, but we’ll have to wait on BMW to confirm. The i4 will also offer 367 miles of range using the WLTP cycle, which equates to around 300 miles with the EPA here in the U.S.