About Us

The amount of automotive media outlets today is vast, to say the least. So why on Earth did we create yet another? Well, because there is no single automotive website that satisfied our needs. They’re all the same – they rehash the same content while subsequently trying to sway you into “engaging” with their outlet on social media sites to keep you hooked. 


We’re tired of having to go to a dozen websites to get a glimpse at what is going on in the automotive landscape. Instead, we’ve created a site that serves as the nucleus for automotive content. Here you won’t just find content from us – you’ll find it from any website that our readers (YOU) deem worthy of your fellow enthusiasts’ attention. AutoVerdict’s compass is it’s readers – not monthly advertising revenue. 

So instead of going to a list of auto websites every morning to get your fix, you can just hang out here and we’ll gladly link you to a competitor if their content is worth your time. We’ll also show you every tweet, Facebook post, and YouTube video getting published in the automotive world..in real time. Not just ours.

Our strategy is formed after years of dealing with large media companies. No, we’re not people who went rogue and started a new site. Instead we’re a few guys who love the automotive industry, have a vision, and are crazy enough to give it a try. 

We hope you enjoy it. 

AutoVerdict Founders: 

Nick Saporito
Mark Rickan 
Austin Rutherford