Volvo has released details of the R-Design variants of the S90 and V90. While just essentially an appearance package, the R-Design factor is certainly giving the already attractive 90-series cars a little boost and a stunning blue hue.

While Volvo refers to R-Design as “performance inspired” there really isn’t any hardware improvements to these cars to significantly change the performance equation. Volvo does make a few chassis tweaks to them, but in general the drive is going to be like your standard fare T5 or T6 model with 250 or 316 horsepower, respectively.

What has changed on the R-Design cars is the exterior design. The Swedes have placed a more upright, aggressive grille on the R cars. They are also sitting on new, diamond-cut wheels that really set off the look. No interior photos have been released yet. However, Volvo says to expect the R-Design moniker to appear throughout the cabin and a specific interior illumination setting.

Those wanting a little faster S90 or V90 will have to hold off until the alleged Polestar versions are released. If history is any indication, Volvo has likely reserved some additional power for those models.