Automakers seem to think they can’t have enough crossovers these days. Volvo apparently shares said mindset, because one of its executives have all but confirmed the brand is working on a smaller XC20 crossover, reports AutoCar.

Volvo’s head of R&D, Henrik Green, spoke to reporters at a preview event in Sweden for the upcoming XC60. During the scrum, Green discussed the theoretical idea of a smaller crossover at Volvo, to the point of using the XC20 name.

“It’s not a problem to have an XC20,” stated Green. He went on to elaborate how Volvo would accomplish said XC20 by saying, “The CMA platform can be made smaller.”

CMA stands for Compact Modular Architecture and is the platform that Volvo co-developed with parent company Geely. CMA is slated to underpin the upcoming XC40 and V40 vehicles from Volvo, as well as models from Lynk & Co.

Not only does Volvo have an architecture to build an XC20 off of, but it also has the powertrains for it. Green confirmed the brand’s upcoming turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine is almost ready. A diesel three cylinder is also in play for potential use in an XC20.

So far there’s no known timeline for this possible smaller crossover. It’s a safe bet Volvo wants to get the XC40 and V40 models out first before it develops an Audi Q2 rival. But as crossover and SUV sales continue to among the only market segments growing, this product sounds like a sure-thing already.