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Polestar Targeting Tesla With Next Two Products

Polestar Targeting Tesla With Next Two Products

Volvo’s new Polestar brand has Tesla in its crosshairs. Just as the brand takes the cover off its first product, the 600 horsepower Polestar 1, the brand is already confirming a Tesla Model 3 rival next.

In fact, Polestar went so far as to name-drop the Model 3 in its formal press release today as a means of announcing the Polestar 2.

“Polestar 2 will be a mid-sized fully-electric car that will join the competition around the Tesla Model 3,” the company stated in the release.

It went on to confirm that the 2 is in the engineering phase currently, with plans to begin production by the end of 2019. Details aside from rough timelines are still unknown, but Polestar has confirmed all future products will be pure-electric cars, despite the fact the brand’s introductory product, the Polestar 1, still has a gas engine.

Given the specificity of mentioning the Model 3 in the release, it is a safe bet Polestar 2 will feature a 50 or 70-kWh battery pack to adequately compete with the Tesla.

Additionally, Polestar announced the Polestar 3. The 3 will be a new large SUV-like electric vehicle. Currently in its final design stages, the 3 won’t arrive until a year after the Polestar 2 sedan. It is possible the Polestar 2 will be a competitor to the upcoming Tesla Model Y SUV, which is due out by 2019.

While the Polestar 1 will only be offered in left-hand drive format, the 2 and 3 will offer both right and left-hand drive variants for global markets.

Despite being its own brand now, Polestar is still under the Volvo corporate structure. This is enabling a high degree of collaboration between the two brands, which Polestar says is aiding it in getting products to market faster.

“Being part of the Volvo Car Group enables Polestar to design, develop and engineer our cars using the processes of a well-established car company but at the same time, enables us to experiment with new technology in lower volume cars outside the mainstream segments. This pace of development means as we announce the future of the company, we can also already confirm that a portfolio of three Polestar cars will be on sale within the next four year timescale,” stated Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.




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